•   Select

    Bringing experience to the front-end phases to maximize investment return and confidence.

  •   Deliver

    Converting the highest potential value options into successfully executed projects.

  •   Improve

    Supporting and improving customer assets throughout the operating lifecycle.

EMTAC Group provides its customers with the full range of economic solution and services involved in:

Commercial Services

» Contracts
» Financial Services
» Trade agreements
» International cooperation


Engineering Services

» Consulting
» Research and Development
» Engineering
» Other Services

From small brownfield services contracts to mega greenfield projects, EMTAC Group has the skills and technologies to address all challenges.

Our service capability covers the entire asset lifecycle: from identifying the opportunity to the operating phase. EMTAC Group extensive experience ensures that we provide project solutions with the lowest total lifecycle cost while meeting each customer’s specific requirements.

EMTAC Group has the track record and systems necessary to pursue and deliver large-scale and complex projects. As resource projects continue to grow in size and complexity, EMTAC Group is one of the few global companies with the resources, technical capabilities and systems to meet the demands of large-scale projects.

Our services go beyond new developments, to supporting operating assets through delivering brownfields projects which maintain asset integrity and improve business performance. By treating asset services as a specific business stream, EMTAC Group provides systems and work processes to deliver these projects effectively.

In delivering engineering, procurement and construction management services, EMTAC Group possess the versatility and flexibility to serve as the sole supplier, member of a joint venture, a subcontractor or contract services locally. In order to respond more effectively to our customers’ needs, EMTAC Group also promotes and has formalized alliances, partnerships, and consortiums.

In line with our approach to work closely with our customers, many of these activities are carried out by an integrated team.

EMTAC Group experience covers all phases of the asset lifecycle. In each one of these phases we understand the critical issues and tailor our services to enable customers to Select and Deliver their projects and Improve their assets for optimum long term performance. Our phased approach enables consistent project delivery worldwide.

In all areas of expertise EMTAC Group offers its customers unparalleled access to:

» A diverse and experienced team, many of whom are leaders in their field.
» Strong technical competencies throughout the business value chain.
» A focus that matches the customers business objectives with the underlying economics of the    market and region.
» Innovative and creative thinkers to identify, evaluate and pursue strategic opportunities.
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