Infrastructure & Environment

EMTAC Group Infrastructure & Environment group has the proven ability to deliver technically outstanding, cost effective solutions to some of the most challenging projects in the world. These projects span the entire project life cycle from feasibility through decommissioning and have been completed in diverse geographic and cultural settings.

Our comprehensive engineering and scientific capabilities, hands-on knowledge and experience, understanding of project issues and our customer-focus have formed the foundation for project success. Our emphasis on long term solutions comes from our commitment to safety, constructability, operability and sustainability.

EMTAC Group delivers infrastructure solutions to customers around the globe focused on three subsectors:

» Resources and Energy
» Transport
» Water and Wastewater
Our work in these subsectors is based on the following world class capabilities:
» Water resources
» Environmental
» Coastal and marine
» Geotechnical
» Rail
» Civil and structural

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Our full-scope global project services span the entire asset lifecycle from the initial conceptual phase of major greenfield developments to ongoing asset services and brownfield modifications projects.

Our capability and experience spans all oil and gas extraction and processing facility types and our global coverage enables us to provide comprehensive services to our customers wherever we are needed.

Hydrocarbons Upstream:

EMTAC Group’ Upstream hydrocarbons capability comprises of:

» Fixed offshore facilities
» Floating production systems
» Subsea systems
» Offshore pipelines
» Onshore production facilities
» Processing plants
» Terminals
» Onshore Pipelines
» Heavy Oil

Hydrocarbons Downstream:

EMTAC Group downstream hydrocarbons capability comprises of:
» Refining
» Sulphur Management
» Chemicals and Petrochemicals
Other related experience includes ongoing operations support and specialist related activities such as safety, risk and environmental studies. The many projects have involved a wide range of petrochemicals including: Methanol, Synthesis Gas, Ammonia, Olefins, Resins, Plastics and Elastomers.

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To find out more about EMTAC Group, download a PDF version of our brochure here.
To find out more about EMTAC Group specific services, download a PDF version of our brochure here.


We focus on long term partnerships with our customers to develop and execute effective solutions to a diverse range of energy challenges facing the industry such as meeting growing energy demand, maximizing performance of existing assets, and reducing carbon footprint.

Our capabilities and experience cover the full spectrum of professional services from pre-feasibility and environmental delivered through Select to full scope project delivery and support of operations, including operations and maintenance of the asset via our Improve offering.

EMTAC Group optimizes our customer’s investments across the entire asset life cycle, from detailed engineering, through vendor quality assurance, construction management to start-up and operations. We pride ourselves on a culture characterized by flexibility, capability and partnering. We can act as the prime contractor or work as a member of a joint venture to deliver the most effective service to meet our customers’ needs.

EMTAC Group’ power services capability comprises of:

» Coal Fired Plants
» Gas Turbine / Combine Cycle
» Air Quality Control
» Integrated Gasification combined Cycle
» Transmission & Distribution
» Operations and Maintenance

Specific power services include:

» Feasibility studies
» Project management
» Estimating and project controls
» Procurement
» Owner’s engineer
» Expediting
» Repowering and retrofitting
» Construction and construction management
» Structural engineering
» Equipment testing and start-up
» Mechanical engineering
» Operations and maintenance
» Electrical engineering
» Technology transfer/training
» Instrumentation and control
» Multi-project programs

EMTAC Group takes a full-service approach to provide value-added engineering services. We can work as a prime contractor or as a member of a joint venture in a wide range of projects. In supporting engineering and procurement, EMTAC Group possesses the versatility and flexibility to serve as the sole supplier, work as the subcontractor, or subcontract services locally.

EMTAC Group also promotes and has formalised joint ventures, partnerships, consortiums, and partnering agreements to respond more effectively to our clients’ needs.

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To find out more about EMTAC Group, download a PDF version of our brochure here.
To find out more about EMTAC Group specific services, download a PDF version of our brochure here.

Minerals & Metals

EMTAC Group has built a reputation as a provider of quality engineering and project services to the minerals, metals and chemicals industries and achieving particular recognition for the delivery of complex processing plants.

The group has particular success integrating multi-discipline engineering expertise and experience with licensed technology and operational know-how to deliver innovative solutions to customers.

EMTAC Group is able to offer a full range of services to the Minerals, Metals and Chemicals industry.

EMTAC Group’ Minerals & Metals services capability comprises of:

» Alumina
» Aluminium
» Base Metals
» Chemicals
» Coal
» Iron Ore
» Ferrous Metals

You can view and download more about EMTAC Group in PDF format from followed links; (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

To find out more about EMTAC Group, download a PDF version of our brochure here.
To find out more about EMTAC Group specific services, download a PDF version of our brochure here.


Contracts Contracts
    Financial Services
Financial Services

» Drawing-up and negotiating contracts
» Contracts administration
Structuring adequate financing
» Commercial loans
» Export credits
» Project financing
Trade agreements Trade Agreements International cooperation
International Cooperations
» Arranging trade exchange agreements
Setting-up and implementing collaboration for large-scale projects
» Joint venture
» Consortium
» Partnership
Consulting     Research and Development
» Feasibility studies
» General and special technical studies
» Project advisory services

Trade Agreements
» Basic research
» Analytical work
» Process development
» Pilot plants
Trade Agreements
Engineering Other Services
» Project management
» Process design
» Detail design
» Safety design
» Quality assurance
» Procurement
» Expediting
» Inspection
» Shipping
» Construction services
Trade Agreements
» Commissioning
» Start-up
» Operator training
» Supervisory services
» After-sales services
Trade Agreements
After Sales Service, Maintenance and Spare Parts

EMTAC Group offers you a versatile service program from a single source.
Our portfolio provides:
On-site support, troubleshooting, training and operation of plants

» Maintenance of Plant and Machinery
EMTAC Group offers a plant maintenance service, both for supervision and, where required, execution. The After Sales Service team in each product line is able to arrange an individually tailored maintenance regime adapted to the needs of each plant. This maintenance work can be carried out with client's staff, EMTAC Group personnel or specialists from equipment suppliers.

» Maintenance Service Agreements
A Service Agreement forms the commercial basis for such service. (If) Once such an agreement is agreed, only a formal instruction (work order) from the client is required for the service to be provided.

» Modernization of Control Systems
Control systems have a limited lifetime. Either complete system types (like pneumatic buses) become outdated or else availability of spare parts for outdated electronic systems becomes difficult. EMTAC Group offers the expertise to transform the control philosophy with 1:1 programming into up-to-date bus systems.

» Operational Support and Training of Operating Personnel
EMTAC Group offers operational support during normal working hours. In the case of critical operational systems EMTAC Group offers a 365 day hotline. The EMTAC Group conceptual design departments can provide operator and team training, customized for each client´s needs. Training can be held in EMTAC Group’ site or at the customer's site.

» Review and Diagnostics of Plant Equipment
EMTAC Group can install systems under plant operator control for remote access to the plant. With this facility EMTAC Group specialist process engineers can perform a remote analysis of the process and of individual items of equipment.

» Evaluation of Safety Features
EMTAC Group offers safety audits for continuously operating plants. These audits are conducted by experienced start up engineers.

» Troubleshooting
Our experienced specialists are available via telephone, fax or e-mail, and will, when required, provide a rapid response visit to the plant site.

» Operation of Plants
EMTAC Group specialists in start up and operation of plants are at your direct and immediate access. Every alteration in process mode and design can be discussed and evaluated.

Revamps and repairs and debottlenecking

» Modernization
Modernization is generally required to ensure that the installed plant can always be operated most economically and reliably. New techniques, new equipment and new process control methods help to Improve the turnaround of your plant.

» Debottlenecking and Capacity Increase
During the lifetime of a plant the requirements of a production process may change. For example, feeds may vary in composition and price, the product specification may change or the demand increase. EMTAC Group has the engineering know-how in debottlenecking to adapt your plant to the new requirements.

Studies, plant audits and optimization

» Operational Control Concepts
New computer tools provide access to the latest standards in process control. Existing manual control systems may be automated by installation of new control loops.

» Optimization of Plant Operation Integral Plant Audit
Changes to product requirements of the plant and/or degradation of equipment after extended use require modification to equipment from time to time. EMTAC Group offers an integral audit, consisting of a safety audit, a plant optimization study and a check on any changes from the original process design resulting from alterations performed by the plant owner.

Spare parts and components

» Specification
EMTAC Group offers the service to specify and procure spare parts. Where a particular specification for a spare does not exist or where the spare part is no longer available, our engineers will specify alternative parts to fulfill the required performance.

» Procurement
EMTAC Group spare part department offers qualified and reliable procurement of spare parts.

» Express Delivery
For very urgent cases our shipping department will find the fastest way to get the ordered parts to the plant site.

» Analysis and Optimization of Spare Parts Storage
EMTAC Group offers a service for procuring an initial parts kit for new plants. We also offer a service for optimization of the spare parts stock in the plant operator's warehouse


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